Indaba Members Remix Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes 2012 C-Class Coupe has been re-designed and re-mixed. To advertise the new Coupe, Mercedes partnered with Grooveshark and Indaba Music to approach some of our community’s greatest to create an album of custom remixes.

Acting as a global production house, Indaba Music reached out to a handful of members to work on material ranging from Metric to never before remixed, Johnny Cash.

Indaba and Mercedes worked together to develop a creative brief to represent the sound mercedes was looking for and our members captured that sound over the course of ONE week.

This type of project wouldn’t have been possible for Mercedes (or anyone) without access to the amount of talent that indaba Music can provide through members like you. We’re so impressed with the quality of the remixes above and congratulate all of the talented musicians on their incredible work!

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