Winners Announced for YouNow’s Songwriting Competition

We sent our Community Team over to the offices to determine the Grand Prize Winner of our YouNow Songwriting Contest.

YouNow is the newest way to broadcast yourself to the world, a kind of “open Mic” for musicians. Each performer lines up to broadcast and the public votes up or down depending on their feelings about that performer.

In this case, our community team played the role of the voter and helped giveaway $2,000 in prizes! Though it was a very difficult decision to make as all of the contestants gave a strong performance, they finally chose a winner.

Drum roll please….

Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner Esteban Lussich who will:

  • Receive $1,000

And congratulations to Samantha Kirshtein who will:

  • Receive $500

Our Runners-Up, Stephano and JRilla will each receive:

  • Receive $250
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