Exclusive Look at New Hollywood Undead Release

The members of Hollywood Undead may wear masks, but their music is anything but hidden. They are a rock/hip-hop force to be reckoned with – earning the #1 spot on Billboard’s Hard Rock Album Chart with their latest release, American Tragedy.

In August this year, we teamed up for the band to create a 2 song remix contest and now we’ve been given an exclusive look at the album artwork! Continue reading below to view their 6 page insert including a “thank you” to every single Indaba member that entered the contest.

The EP will be released on November 21st. Pre-order now!

The Grand Prize Winner, Dr. Eargasm, won $1000 and gaurenteed placement on their upcoming Remix Ep. Check out his winning mix below.

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3 Responses to Exclusive Look at New Hollywood Undead Release

  1. kayv says:

    WOW !!

    if u look closely to the 2nd cover they had written all contestant names there…………. respect…….

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