New Uzimon Album

Hey kids. Here’s the new Uzimon album that I spent the last year making:

I met a lot of challenges along the way. It was a fun ride. The first few sessions we did, we were without a drummer, so I programmed some beats as a click track and we laid down the bass, guitars and keys over those and then overdubbed the drums last. Near the end, we discovered that on some tunes the sampled electronic drums were better than the acoustic and went back to those. On the very last cut we recorded, Champion Sound, we started with the electronic kick and snare, and the bass guitar. Followed later by the rest. I was hating my programmed hi hat’s simplicity so I had my guitarist/everythingist Brett Tubin of Channel Tubes play a real hi hat. Then, that sounded too acoustic. So I ran the entire hi hat track through an MPC3000 in sample record mode and recorded the output, essentially using its classic converters as a lo-fi effect. It acted as a bit reducer, slight distortion, and even a compressor. It turned the waveform from dynamic to a perfect squared shape and then sounded “sampled”. If you have a hardware sampler, and you have a very long file, give this a try. It’s the perfect way to put some of that color on there without having to sample and retrigger. Plus, most old school samplers have so little RAM that they could never handle 3 minutes of sample time. I’ve used this live but sample-sounding hi hat trick on all my new riddims and I love it.

If you have a minute, give the album a listen. I’m sure you will find it entertaining. Uzimon is a character! If you have any questions about the production, I’d love to discuss them with you.


And drink rum!

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