14 Indaba Members on New Nick Carter Release

Last July, Indaba members entered one of the largest scale remix contest we’ve ever launched. Nick Carter, beloved member of the Backstreet Boys and accomplished solo artist, joined forces with Indaba Music to find five amazing remixes to release on his remix album, I’m Taking Off: Relaunched & Remixed.

Indaba members remixed five tracks from Nick’s second solo release, I’m Taking Off, and five Grand Prize Winners were selected and paid $1,500 each to be placed on the new release.

It didn’t stop there…

Nick and his team were so impressed with the remixes that they picked 14 total members to be included on the remix record.

Ranging from Miami to Guadalajara, Mexico to Kawasaki City, Japan, these talented Indaba members deserve a big congratulations!

Buy the remix album digitally on November 15th.

Go to the original contest page >>

Want to see who won? Check out the winners below!

I’m Taking Off (DJ Kevin Larock Remix) – Grand Prize, by Kevin Larock
I’m Taking Off (Approaching Nirvana Remix) – Runner-Up, by Approaching Nirvana
I’m Taking Off (B Sensei Remix edit) – Runner-Up, by B Sensei
So Far Away (Romey B. Remix) – Grand Prize, by Romey B.
So Far Away (TinoK Dubai Remix) – Runner-Up, by TinoK
So Far Away (Michiel van Erp Remix) – Runner-Up, by Michiel van Erp
Love Can’t Wait (Stereothief Remix) – Grand Prize, by Eric de la Torre
Love Can’t Wait (Maxwell B Superstar Remix) – Runner-Up, by Maxwell B
Not the Other Guy (Saulius V Remix) – Grand Prize, by Saulius V.
Not the Other Guy (Incorporated Elements Remix) – Runner-Up, by Incorporated Elements
Not the Other Guy (TonoVinco Remix) – Runner-Up, by Tono Vinco
Falling Down (Savacan extended club Remix) – Grand Prize, by SAVACAN Y.
Falling Down (Peaboo Remix) – Runner-Up, by Peaboo
Falling Down (Final Conflict) – Runner-Up, by Final Conflict
Just One Kiss (Dezzo & Tenenbaum Remix)
Just One Kiss (Dezzo & Tenenbaum Remix edit)

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