Indaba Music Presents: Emily Greene

As you may know, the Indaba office is located in New York City – a city that is filled to the brim with spectacular musicians. So we’re taking full advantage of our location and interviewing local Indaba members to get some of their best musician-to-musician advice on topics ranging from getting gigs to songwriting. Along with these interviews, we’ve also asked them to perform live in our office, but don’t be jealous — we caught it on film to share with you.

Our first video features Emily Greene, an artist we have featured on our Grooveshark Breakthrough Radio Playlist (submit here). Watch to learn about her experiences with Indaba as an independent musician, plus a performance of her original song “Oceans and Waves”.

If you’re in the NYC area and would like to participate in this series, email us at

See below the jump for 2 bonus performances.

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7 Responses to Indaba Music Presents: Emily Greene

  1. Liz Conner says:

    Really amazing video!

  2. Peter D says:

    Great music Emily. Having you around adds a lovely bit of diversity to my life. Right now I’m sitting in the Jackson Psych ward listening to your song as I type up patient notes. Lovely.


  3. Coyotek says:

    that is some intense songs. Bravo!

  4. Great performance!

  5. Nice song. Sweet performance. I liked her voice in particular. It has a bit of a smokey sound to it, not typical of most female singers. Very cool. Peace, Michael Angelo

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