22 Indaba Members on New Metric Release

Last September, Indaba members embarked on a journey through the largest scale remix contest we’ve ever launched. Metric, a band whose music has been making the rounds in all of the right places—including soundtracks Twilight: Eclipse and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World—challenged our community to remix their entire album Fantasies.

On October 11, Metric will release Fantasies Flashbacks, a 34-song set, containing the 10 original songs from Fantasies, as well as 24 remixes from 22 Indaba members (see below for a full tracklisting).

SOLD OUT – Until August 12th (while supplies last), you can pre-order a Deluxe, Limited-Edition version of Fantasies Flashbacks for $64.99. Not only is this package beautiful, but Metric will be donating all proceeds to charity. Amazing!

The first 20 Indaba Members who purchase the box set will also receive a Black and White montage signed by the band!

  • 10 x 7″ vinyl singles, each containing an original song from Fantasies and the associated winning remix from the Indaba Music contest;
  • PlayButton digital music player pre-loaded with the same 10 winning remixes;
  • A digital download code redeemable for all of the music from the 7″ singles (20 tracks including the original studio album version of Fantasies), plus an additional 14 of the band’s favourite remixes (3 more than on the Fantasies Flashbacks “retail version”). In total this is 34 songs or approximately 90 minutes of music;
  • Two 6″ x 6″, two-sided colour inserts featuring fan-created artwork/imagery, track listing and credits;
  • A limited edition 18″ x 24″ glossy Metric poster;
  • A custom box containing all of the elements.
  • All proceeds will be donated to CMAH.

    Check out the amazing winning remixers after the jump.

    Congratulations, to the following winners!

    Help I’m Alive (Winner: Danger Denial Anger Acceptance Mix) - Don Bosse

    Help I’m Alive (Duskrider Remix) - Duskrider

    Help I’m Alive (Kibo Mix) –  Kibo White

    Sick Muse (Winner: Maur Due & Lichter Remix) - Maur Due & Lichter

    Satellite Mind (Surf Remix) - Hyperknox

    Satellite Mind (Ryan Hervé Remix) - Ryan Hervé

    Satellite Mind (Winner: Fried Funk Mix) - Kreap

    Twilight Galaxy (Che Andre Remix) - Che Andre

    Gold Guns Girls (Winner: Ben Brown Remix) - Ben Brown

    Gimme Sympathy (Dirk Lind Remix) - Dirk Lind

    Collect Call (Shamin Remix) - Shamin De Silva

    Collect Call (Fantasies: The Musical, Act 1, Scene 4 Remix) - Daniel Clarke

    Collect Call (Winner; Kostiarapoport Remix) - Kostia R.

    Front Row (Crunkstep Remix) - Alan L.

    Blindness (Deep&Delicious Remix) - Deep & Delicious

    Blindness (Winner: (U Gave Me a Life) Huckleberry Remix) - Huckleberry

    Stadium Love (Winner: Freakquincy Remix) - FREAKqUINCY

    Stadium Love (Che Andre Remix) - Che Andre

    Twilight Galaxy (Winner: Death To The Throne Remix) - James Martin Nelson

    Gimme Sympathy (Winner: TrashTalk Remix) - TrashTalk

    Front Row (Winner: Fantasies, The Musical Act 2, Scene 1 Remix) - Daniel Clarke

    Help I’m Alive (Hiras Remix) - Hiras

    Gold Guns Girls (Riot 87 Remix) - Riot 87

    Gimme Sympathy (Dubstep Remix) – Gabe Flaherty

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    2 Responses to 22 Indaba Members on New Metric Release

    1. Vuk Lazar says:

      insane :) congrats to all the remixers!!

    2. John Corlew says:

      I believe my remix won the “artist’ pick” for “stadium Love” I’ve now uploaded the file onto my personal indaba profile page. I’m just a little late dude to some technical errors, a little help would be greatly appreciated.

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