Winner’s Interview with Glenn Main

Glenn Main, a musician from Norway, has been doing electronic music since he was 13. He’s only been on Indaba since March and he’s already won his first opportunity with his remix of “Namo Namo” in the Spirit Voyage Opportunity.

Check out his interview with Alex!

Hi Glenn, Congratulations!

Thank you so much, this is so great for me .-)

What brings you to Indaba Music?

I was searching the web for remix competitions, and came across Indaba’s web page, and this was just the site I’ve been looking for. I was so happy to see all the different remix compititions and all the opportunities. I watched the intro video.. and tried it out… And it was so great..
I bought the pro right after my demo period was over, and I really love the site. One other great thing is that it’s so easy to get in contact with people here, and do sessions and co-work… what can I say… I use this site much more than Myspace :-)

Tell us a little bit about the contest and Spirit Voyage.

I am an electronic-chillout-new age composer myself, so this was perfect for me. All the remixes I do, I try to do in this style. I just love this kind of music.
The vocal tracks were great too, and I had a good feeling for the song right away.
I also checked out the label that will release this song, and I hope to get my own music out through their “channel” as well. I have released 3 album in this genre so far, and working on my fourth now… In between all the remixes I do here at Indaba.. :-)

Describe your remix of “Namo Namo”.

From the original track I just use the vocals. I did some pitch change on them as well, because I wanted to change one note in the chorus.
I tried to get the right “feeling” on the song all the way from the start, and tried to lift it up along the way.. but still I wanted the song to be chill and mellow.. just as I think the song was supposed to be. In this remix I was focused on the vocals because I think the melody stands for itself, and I just tried to build a nice and chill environment around it.

How did you remix your track (i.e. what gear did you use, how long did it take you, etc.)?

I am using Cubase 6 as a DAW, and I use soft synths like Atmosphere and Omnisphere. And I use some hardware synths as well. The Roland JD800 is great for “padding”. The drums is programmed from different plugins inside Cubase + Evolve drums.

Any last words?

I will try to do my best to win other remix compititions, and I will try to hook up with other people to do more recordings. I am also a live artist, so I hope to get in contact with some more festivals and venues for my music. I hope that Indaba will grow, but still be a comunity for the musicians… I think it’s nice that it cost money to be a full member of this community, because it helps Indaba to keep free from “spammers” and people that is just a member to have as many friends as possible.. :-)
Indaba – The best web site I have come across in years!!

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5 Responses to Winner’s Interview with Glenn Main

  1. AWESOME! Inspiring article, I like “I use this site more than Myspace”. LMAO! ME TOO! this is a musician’s hometown here! The remix is amazing, you deserve the victory homie, keep beating up to the top in your genre of music, It’s great stuff.

  2. Mantis says:

    And, what an amazing photo! It’s great having you a part of the Indaba Music family.

  3. Dorthe says:

    Great great interview! Glenn is SO amazing :-) ))))

  4. Joakim says:

    Yay norway

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