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It was nearing the end of the winter this year when I was in e-mail correspondence with my friend and collaborator Rob Bakker aka Muneshine. I had been writing lyrics to his beats over the winter and also connecting him with artists from my record label, Mojo Records & Publishing. After listening to about fifty or more of his beats I suggested that we collaborate on an instrumental project. I too had numerous instrumentals that had passed through many artists ears and never been exposed to the public ear. We began sharing songs and ideas back and forth using a file sharing system called ‘Dropbox’. To those unfamiliar with Dropbox it is online file sharing tool that lets one seamlessly share files from computer to computer using one storage file that both computers share. 

It only took about 1-2 weeks of sending parts and songs back and forth and before we even met in person we had compiled and sequenced a 12 song instrumental LP that we titled, Muneshine Jones, ready for mastering and to be released on iTunes. During the span of us sharing ideas via Dropbox Muneshine was doing shows and touring Europe and I was releasing singles and playing shows in New York city gearing up for the US Release of my record ‘Runaway Jones’. In other words we were too busy with our regular schedules to meet up in studios and instead would just find time on our own to drop the ideas our shared Dropbox folder. Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather prefer to work with artists in the same room but that isn’t always a possibility. Our whole project was completed without ever working in the same room and this blew my mind. Something like this would have been next to impossible to do a decade ago.

When returned home from touring we met to headline the release of the record, Muneshine Jones in Hamilton, ON and it dropped on iTunes the following week. The public response was inspiring and ended up getting great placement on the front page on iTunes Canada. I used to love instrumental records when I was in high school and college from artists like DJ Spinna, Pete Rock or Nightmares On Wax and this is what spawned our idea to create Muneshine Jones. With a little help from new tools and applications like Dropbox we are now able to allow creativity to flow and are not limited the time and space constraints that were once imperative for music and songwriting collaborations.

Check out Dropbox here:

Get Muneshine Jones here:

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