Winner’s Interview with Solid State

Stefani, or as some of you might know as Solid State, has a confession to make: she has the Indabadiction.

Her introduction into the world of Indaba has greatly influenced her life and current career path. She shifted her course from djing to focus on remixing and creating original music.  Though we’re certain that some great opportunities are coming her way for her solo work, she’s content to linger in the remix realm for just a little while longer.

Check out her winning submission for “push it” and a special video from Jessie and the Toy Boys below!

Congratulations, Stefani!

Thank you and I am grateful for the opportunity!

Your minimal remix won over Jessie and the Toy Boys. How did you approach remixing this song?

I knew I wanted to create something stripped down with a chunky groove. That was the underpinning, and the remix grew out of that core concept. One of my goals was to highlight Jessie’s vocals, pulling out particular melodies I liked and also resampling to create rhythms. I was aiming to give her vocals space, but also wanted a tight interplay between her voice and the groove.

Did you have fun remixing this song?

Yes indeed! There were so many possibilities and directions. I find remixing to be incredibly inspiring. Given a set of parameters in the form of stems is an efficient way to break down creative barriers. I can hear something in a song and one idea will form, leading to another, and so on. That energy is concentrated fun. Choosing a path and seeing where it leads is always an enjoyable journey for me. When the concept materializes before my eyes and begins to take shape, it’s utterly satisfying.

From your bio I see that you are really into remix contests. How do you feel about Indaba remix market place?

…Really into remix contests by way of what I like to call Indabaddiction. There is no cure, but I’m perfectly fine with that since the fun factor is at its highest. If I’m simply perusing the Opportunities page, inevitably I will investigate and all it takes is one glimmer of a notion – and that’s it – I’m hooked. The marketplace is brimming and new remix opportunities pop up constantly. I love the fact that the songs and styles involved are so diverse. It’s a perpetual cycle, which is why it’s so easy to become immersed. For as long as new projects appear, I will more than likely be involved!

How do you feel about the other remixes and the community at Indaba?

The Indaba community makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. The talent within is astonishing. It never ceases to amaze me that we can all start at the same place with the same resources and end up at completely different destinations. The ingenuity of members is a motivating force. Listening to the remixes of others provides enjoyment and is also a great way to amass knowledge and expand my mind (and ears). I’ve met so many sincere, supportive, and encouraging souls within Indaba. They are close to my heart and I have great respect for their work. I couldn’t ask for a better environment!

Are you working on any submissions right now?

Oh yes. I submitted a remix for BT – The Emergency, and I have three submissions for Tron: Legacy Reconfigured. Unfortunately, I’ve missed the most recent opportunities, but I see there are many fresh ones coming down the pipeline. It will be a good test of my time management skills, as I intend to find space to focus on my original work as well. Music never sleeps!

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3 Responses to Winner’s Interview with Solid State

  1. Carolyn Williams says:

    Stefani has a beautiful soul that finds a path of creativity through her participation in Indaba submissions. I love the serenity as well as the energy that comes through in her remixes!

  2. Shy says:

    Stef I am so proud of you, yet I am not at all surprised your remix was #1.

    To compete with the Indaba community and be up against almost 400 other artists, that’s never easy in itself. Your masterpiece not only took first prize, it also blew away and inspired Jessie herself. That’s something I hadn’t yet seen, but I was glowing for you when I saw Jessie giving you extra props, well deserved.

    Keep it comin’ and hey, give me a chance to win one ;D

    Love & Light


  3. Jessica Lee says:

    My Aunt is an amazing Dj and Artist :) she’s really amazing. I love her and she inspires me cause I never knew she did this kind of music so i’m really happy for her.

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