Winner’s Interview with Freakquincy

Oh Canada, you’ve done it again.

Freakquincy, a duo from the North, has just received their second Grand Prize Win! Check out this winning duo and their Daft Punk remix in our interview below.

Where were you two when you heard the news and what was your reaction? Celebrating much?

Victor: I was at home when I first saw the email that said “winners have been announced”. Logged on to Indaba to confirm I wasn’t dreaming.

Perry: Victor emailed me that we’d won and we celebrated that night in style. I shouldn’t divulge any details, but I did just wake up.

Why dubstep?

Victor: Why not? We’ve been developing our sound for some time now and have also produced a lot of music in many different genres. When we first sat down to discuss how we were going to approach the track, we had just been  experimenting with a lot of growling baselines and some very heavy grooves, almost “heavy metal” like.  With some elements from the dubstep genre combined with our sound, the mix began to take its form.

Perry: Yeah, we usually start a remix or new track playing around with different tempos. We figured the majority of submissions would be in the 130 range so we decided to go the dubstep route this time around instead.

The indaba community is singing your praises, what do you think of all the positive feedback?

Victor: The response is incredible. Contact requests are pouring in daily. So many kind words and positive comments. Surprised also at how many members are Canadian. Really appreciate all the support.

Perry: Feels great to get encouraging comments after toiling away on projects for so long.

You’re really great at engaging with the other members. You’re constantly giving comments and feedback, what’s that all about?

Victor: I always enjoy listening to what other people are doing out there. Even more so when you’re in a competition. I listened to tons of the submissions and left feedback on most of them.  I really liked the variety of tracks that were submitted.

Perry: I’m the opposite of Victor. I try not to listen to many of the submissions because a lot of them are so well produced; it can be slightly intimidating.

What’s next?

Well, there has been a lot of requests for FREAKqUINCY to upload more music to the web. We are currently working on some original stuff in the studio, and plan to release some singles very soon. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the opportunities at Indaba as well.  This being our second victory, we want to keep the ball rolling.

Did you see the movie?

Victor:   Yes, visually amazing and who could ask for a better soundtrack.

Any last thoughts?

Thanks again to Indaba for hosting such amazing opportunities, and thanks to Jason Bentley and Walt Disney Records for choosing our submission. You’ll be hearing more from us soon.

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