Winner’s Interview with Ben Crea

This we know about Ben Crea: He’s a Marcy Playground expert*, he almost died while writing this interview, and because he won“Sex and Candy,” he’s flying to Toronto to meet (and hug?) John Wozniak.

*last year, the band released an entire album of Indaba remixesincluding Ben’s “Gin and Money.”

Check out the interview he had with Alex.

Congratulations, Ben! Not your first win but are you still excited?

Thank you alex,  its hard to describe how I feel actually, so I dont think I can right now.

(insert game show music here)

Tell us a bit about your experience with Marcy Playground since they started hosting contests on Indaba Music

“Gin and Money” and “Sex and Candy” are kinda like connected some way. I
think, I asked John if I could remix “Sex and Candy” (as do most people)
after the first contest and he said there might be something like that
in the future. Then. the contest popped up!  I jumped on it and
couldn’t believe how cool of an opportunity it would be to get to Toronto
and meet John in person.

What was your approach for “Sex and Candy”?

I didnt really have an approach, or nothing I could describe anyway.

I just did it.

What has the response been from all of your Indaba friends?

I don’t have any Indaba friends as such. Some people said great some
people sent me messages telling me it was no good. Some were on the funny side. I guess I don’t really pay any attention to any of it. Contests have politics………
I have tons of people in Canada that I have met online and they went
berserk so it made up for everything.

We love Canada! Anything else you want to tell us?

Yeah sure, thanks to all the wonderful people at Indaba, emi canada,
woz records, mushroom studios, etc for this life changing experience. A
big thanks to Mariam Kittenwhiskers for so much moral support and
guidance through what I consider to be the longest period of my life.
And thanks to you alex for just being you! And to the bus driver
who almost fell asleep at the wheel while I was writing this thank you
section….. so thanks to god for letting me live long enough to write
these thank you’s…

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