One experience that stands out in my mind where technology played an integral role in my songwriting was through the rise of Myspace. In 2007 when Myspace was dominating the music social networking world I was contacted by a production team based out of Switzerland called ‘Natural Diggers’. They wrote me a pitch complimenting my vocal sound and reaching out for me to check out some beat/ music compositions that they were writing. The first piece I heard was a tune tilted ‘Blow Up One’ and it instantly grabbed me. Up until this point I had done most production/ writing on my own or with local engineers and producers. I contacted them back and proposed that we should collaborate. They were excited to hear from me and within a few short weeks we had contracts written and executed for three songs, two of which ended up making my recently released record ‘Runaway Jones’. 

We literally knew nothing of each other before meeting on Myspace and didn’t even speak the same primary language yet somehow with the music itself being our universal language and the ease of transferring large session files on sites like and we were able to easily co-write/co-produce parts and send ideas back and forth with critical feedback.

I sent what I had written so far on the song to my songwriting friend Kae Sun who had his own ideas to add to the composition. We recorded and completed the song shortly after and had it mixed and mastered. The song ended up being released as the lead single on my Canadian release of ‘Runaway Jones’ and also landed placements on CSI Las Vegas and the CTV Winter Olympics. Funny to think that it all started from a simple Myspace cold call message to an inspired hip-hop artist. I am still yet to travel to Switzerland and meet the Natural Diggers and who knows what would happen if we were in the studio in real life.

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2 Responses to Coast to Coast – THE FUTURE COLLABORATION OF MUSIC

  1. L' Reyy says:

    Nice, I relate definitely, I was contacted by an artist in Moscow, Russia. Recently finished writing to the producer’s instrumental, it’s possible! WORLD-WIDE PROMOTION, think of it as that.

  2. Jaye Guevara says:

    Great post. I’m a huge fan of the digital world. In some instances I’m on the cutting edge, in others I’ve been a late adopter. I’m curious as what the “Next Big Thing” may be, especially with all of the choices (FB, Twitter, MySpace ect).

    One thing’s for sure, its a great time to innovate; a bad time to be playing “catch-up.”

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