Winner’s Interview with RIOT 87

RIOT 87 is a dubstep meets indie rock duo consisting of Darko Andric and Igor Despotovic. Not only are they the winners from our Escape the Fate Opportunity, but they also received honorable mentions in our Metric “Gold Guns Girls” Remix Opportunity. Along with making remixes, Darko and Igor are working on a live show, which will include keyboards, guitars and special guest vocalists and drummers.

Check out their winning mix and learn about their upcoming projects in our interview below!

How long have you guys been fans of ‘Escape the Fate’?

We had heard of “Escape The Fate” before and considering we aren’t hardcore fans, we actually knew their music very well. We especially love music video for “Issues”. When we downloaded remix stems for “Issues” we knew that we’d make one hell of a remix. The vocals and track bpm where just perfect, so it wasn’t really hard to mix them with our music style.

I see you guys achieved an honorable mention on Metric’s ‘Gold Guns Girls’ remix. How long have you been remixing and how long have you been remixing in Indaba’s marketplace?

We have been doing remixes for a long time. Before joining the Indaba, we were participating on various remix contest on Fixt Music, and last year we organized our own remix contest, so remixes are important part of our music production.

On the Metric remix contest, we won the first place by public votes and that remix made a big success with thousands of plays. We had #3 position on Hypemachine charts and quite a few blogs promoted it.

What type of equipment and software do you guys use?

We produce music in our home studio with some basic setup, PC (cubase 5, Massive, Nexus 2, waves plugs, T racks), Krk studio monitors, DsP processors, keyboard, guitar, and a bunch of vst’s and plugins.

How do you guys work together?

I’m programming music, playing keyboards and mixing and Igor is playing the guitar. Once or twice a week we have recording session in my studio. The same setup is for a live show, I am in charged for keyboards, samplers and mixer and Igor is playing the guitar.

What are you planing to work on next?

Right now we are finishing free EP, named “Serbian Bassline 2″, which we will share via our site and facebook page. The Ep consists off few remixes we have done in last couple of months, some we did for remix contests some we did for free.

Also, we’re coming to the end of the official remix album we are working on for Celldweller’s Fixt Music. After that we are starting to work on instrumental album with tv/movies/games score music.

Also, after the album release we will try to do tour in USA. We had some calls to play in US but we want to organize the tour seriously so we are waiting to finish the album first. Those are the plans for the near future!

Any last words?

We want to thank all our fans and all the people from Indaba who voted for us and supported us on these remix contests.

Also special thanks to “Escape the Fate” for picking our remix. It was a big honor when we saw that we won the remix contest. Cheers and from time to time visit there will be a lot new stuff from us.

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  1. Carlos says:

    This guys are f***king amazing! Respect for winning the competition!

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