Remix Jason Reeves to Win $500 and a Collaboration

Jason Reeves has co-written songs with multiple artists including Lenka’s “The Show” and Colbie Caillat’s “Bubbly” and “Realize” and now, you have a chance to collaborate with this three-time ASCAP Pop Award winner!

He’s releasing his first full-length album The Lovesick this summer and he’s challenging you to remix his single “Sticks & Stones”. If you’ve got what it takes to create a winning remix, you could win $500, a signed lyric sheet by Jason, an Indaba Pro membership, and a collaboration with Jason on a new song!

Enter Now >>

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One Response to Remix Jason Reeves to Win $500 and a Collaboration

  1. wayne martin says:

    love Jason Reeves? check out the interview … hope ya’ll enjoy

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