Indaba’s Guide to COACHELLA ’11

We at Indaba were thrilled to host the Freelance Whales “Hannah” remix opportunity. The prize was $500 cash and 2 VIP tickets to Coachella. In the end, these highly prized tickets went to Indaba member Radical Academy. The three- day festival is nestled in the Coachella Valley in Indio, California and hosts the heaviest hitters in music in a beautiful setting. To those so fortunate to attend this year’s festival, and to Radical Academy, here is your Indaba Coachella ‘11 Guide.

Friday, April 15th

Start everything off with the OFWGKTA crew. These guys are turning heads in the rap game. With an off- kilter aggressive attitude and mind twisting rhymes, they sound like a rap group from the future . The crew is a collective of artists based in LA that include; Tyler the Creator and Mellow Hype. Each artist pursues his or her individual music while encouraging and promoting each other under the umbrella OFWGKTA.

Cut Copy recently dropped their latest album. This Australian group has a great knack for dreamy dance rock. Their unique mixture of throbbing beats and ethereal soundscapes sets them apart from the vast majority of dance acts out there. They will be a perfect listen in a setting such as Coachella.

Crystal Castles, an electro slash duo also on their sophomore record—the very well received Crystal Castles II— they have an edgy take on electro dance music. Front woman, Alice Glass is known for her tantrum’s on stage. She has a knack of drawing attention, yet the duo has the sleek tunes and wild live show to back it up.

Within the same vein, Sleigh Bells, whom we hosted an opportunity with, are aplomb with face melting distortion and huge drum beats—don’t miss their set if you can help it. The guitar flies through riffs picked up from the punk and metal eras, while crunk rap beats will have you getting low, low, low.

Rock veterans The Black Keys released yet another unbelievable record in 2010 and will be burning Coachella up with their gritty retro blues. The guys keep manifesting unique blues tunes in a genre flooded with artists and songs. Their latest, ‘Brothers’ may be their best record to date. The guitar work and inginuity is astounding.

A-Trak is a great electronica act that is sure to have you dancing. The Montreal native has a knack for club inspired dance music. He’s got a sense of humor that down plays the whole club scene without making it sound any less fun.

The safe bets for Friday night will be veterans Interpol, Cold War Kids and definitely The Chemical Brothers who never disappoint. These groups have their live performances down to a ‘tee’ and are at home in front of such an enormous crowd as Coachella.

Saturday, April 16th

Be sure to check out recent Grammy winners for best album ofCoachella acts the year, Arcade Fire. Their album ‘Suburbs’ is absolutely breath taking from start to finish and the group has been refining their live show.

You must see Freelance Whales, a band hot off 2010 and playing with a lot of momentum right now. They hone a big Americana/ folk sound, catchy and ponderous. The group is inviting and has a lot to offer any audience.

Francis and the Lights is a unique act that sways between solo piano to drum machine to a full band. He is known for unique lighting techniques, which are always fun live.

If you’re looking for a fresh act with a familiar 60’s surf vibe check out up and coming, The Love Language. This North Carolina crew released their second record on Merge and have been touring non stop sense. They have a brilliant beach vibe with eloquent songs driven by lyrics of love and loss.

Another headliner Animal Collective has only gotten more and more popular and their albums continue to get better and better. They are an extremely innovative group taking risks at every turn. They have a unique live show and are definitely worth seeing.

Yelle is a new artist that is killing it with a new jungle/ disco single out now. Her poppy melodies and lyrics and are like whipped cream over bouncing beats and synthesizers. Yelle is making music coming out of the right field of pop. This is an act to take a chance on.

Sunday, April 17th

Kanye West takes the stage. Some may deny Kanye’s attitude but you can’t deny his latest album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was one of the best in 2010. All I have heard of his live performance is that they are usually over- the- top with theatrics.

The original indie street gang The Strokes are back and take it from me, their live show is amped right now. Just releasing a new record with mixed reviews, they are proving themselves again with an amazing live show.

Ratatat are a fun electro instrumental group that play hyped electronica tunes with shimmering guitars. You can dance all night to this music and their live show is supposed to be exceptional.

Legendary bass and drum duo, Death From Above 1979 return to the stage just for Coachella. They are a fast, fuzzy bass, intense vocal group who have been on hiatus for the past 8 years. People are very thrilled these guys are back together, so it might be worth checking out the hype.

Chromeo is a fun alt hip hop/ Rn’B group with titles such as ‘Fancy Footwork’ and ‘Hot Mess’. They have a great sense of humor and are sure to be a fun show. The are a kind of throwback to the 80′s with shimmering synth’s and tongue in cheek lyrics.

Yet, no matter where you turn there is going to be amazing music at Coachella this year. One thing to remember as you take on such a stacked festival is don’t be afraid to take a risk on an act for they may become a new personal favorite.

There’s still time to win 2 VIP passes to Coachella! Check out Indaba’s official Facebook page for more details!


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