Winner’s Interview with Jay Brannan

Jay Brannon‘s song “2k58″ will not only be appearing in the TV show Bar Karma, but will be credited in closing credits, and may also appear as a billboard interstitial on the way to a commercial break.

As a producer and sound tech, Jay stays very active in our Opportunity Marketplace having received Honorable Mentions and Runners Up badges.

We had a chance to chat with Jay about his success on and off the web. Check out our latest Winner’s Interview below!

Congratulations, James! Are you excited to tune into Bar Karma?

Thanks Indaba! Yes I am really excited about my track 2k58 appearing in a Tv show and having my name in the credits. I have been telling family and friends and all who will listen to tune in.

I see you’re from the UK, what brought you to this contest?

I have been a member of Indaba for a couple of years now and have entered many of the brilliant remix competitions that you guys host. I am a huge fan of the site. I saw the Bar Karma contest in one of the Indaba news letters I receive and thought it looked like a great opportunity for some serious exposure.

How did you find out about Indaba Music?

I have been working on my music and production skills and entering online remix competitions since 2007. So one day while searching the web for any remix competitions I could get my hands on I stumbled across Indabamusic and was amazed at the quality and quantity of opportunities and information the site offered.

How did you create your winning track?

In all honesty it was probably the quickest composition I have ever created. I noticed I had one day left to enter and thought why not give it a shot. I decided to give myself 2 hours to create a suitable peice of music. Told myself not to over analyze and just go with the flow. I knew that i wanted it to be aggressive and cinematic so the first thing I did was create a  pounding beat complimented by a thunderous snare pattern. Once I had the backbone of the track I then built it up using many different sound fx that I have. The sound fx such as the sirens and chanting added atmosphere and momentum.

Thanks for chatting with us!

Thank you Indaba Music and Current Tv

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