Winner’s Interview with Corky Gainsford

Corky Gainsford is a drummer, song-writer, producer, engineer, and mixer. While playing with great artists on an array of stages – everywhere from The Tonight Show to the Latin Grammy Awards – Corky has become an active member in our Opportunity Marketplace. With first place in the Banshee Football contest under his belt, Corkistador is quickly becoming the man to beat!

Learn more about this winning Indaba user in the interview below!

Congratulations Corky! Thanks to Concord Music Group, your song has been added to their publishing catalogue and you’ll receive $1,500 advance against the writer’s share of the publishing. With 2 football tickets on top, how do you feel?

Surprised, shocked, and super stoked!

I bet! What do you do in Las Vegas?

I play drums & percussion for Blue Man Group. That’s my “day job.” At night – typically between midnight and 4 am – I record original music (as “Super Martian Robots”) and produce remixes (as “Corkistador”) in my home studio. The studio is basically a small room my Dad and I built into my garage (thanks Dad!). I also play drums in my original band, record drums as a session musician, and perform in various casino showrooms and corporate events around town in a variety of cover bands. I like to stay busy. :)

Are you a big sports fan?

I was heavily into sports growing up – before my life became consumed by music. :) However, the one sport I’ve continued to watch over the years is football, which is why I thought this would be a great contest to enter!

Is this the first contest you’ve entered on Indaba Music?

Nope. I’ve been active on Indaba Music for about a year now. I’ve received Honorable Mentions in a number of remix contests (Linkin Park, Weezer, Laurie Anderson, Ozomatli, Nappy Roots, and Some Velvet Morning), but I’ve got to say, the most rewarding part of entering these contests is learning from all the other great producers out there. I mean, we all start with the same stems, so it’s an amazing experience to hear what others are able to do, often re-writing these “well known” songs into something bigger and better than the original.

Have you collaborated with anyone since joining Indaba Music?

I haven’t collaborated with anyone on Indaba Music yet, but that’s simply been due to a lack of time to organize and put stuff together. I am a fan of many, many artists and producers working on this site, and I do hope to work with at least a few of them in the near future.

Any last words?

I want to give a big thanks to all the people working hard at Indaba Music. It’s a real blessing to have so many unique musical opportunities available to us through this site. Thank you! I look forward to pursuing more opportunities like these in the near future!

You’re so welcome!

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