Winner’s Interview with THERMONUCLEARITY

There were nearly ten separate prizes for The Hours remix contest on Indaba Music but when we asked the winners why they entered, they told us that they did it for the music. Thermonuclearity is a creative partnership of musicians trying to share their love of music with the world.

Based in Germany, the Grand Prize duo met us online for a quick Winner’s Interview. Learn more about this exciting team below!

So, out of a variety of outstanding remixes, The Hours and Adeline Records picked your Thermonnuclearity Remix! Where were you when you found out the big news?

I was actually at home, sick with the flu. I drank a cup of tea and was about to go to bed when I hit the internet… I was blown away! I had never expected this. There were so many great mixes.

We hope you’re feeling better! How did you hear about Indaba Music and The Hours contest?

Yes, feeling much better now, thank you.

Thermonuclearity is an electronica project from Berlin, Germany. It’s actually me and my friend Michael. We’re always looking for remix opportunities and we found out about Indaba Music last year. It’s a great place cause there are so many things going on. There are always challenges which is great because it pushes you forward when you get creative. For this song, we listened to the original track and it just ‘clicked’. We’re not like “well, we can remix every track in the world,” we just have to find the right one that fits our type of music. “Ali in the Jungle” is a wonderful track with great lyrics and it just fit. We wrote the mix in like, 12 hours just listening to the a capella… it almost wrote itself.

We’re really thankful for the opportunity Indaba Music and The Hours gave us.

You definitely did a fantastic job! There were some great prizes in this competition too. We hope you’ll come back for more contests!

We’ll definetly do so! It may be hard to believe but we didn’t enter because of a prize or anything. We really love to hear what people think about our music, we like to be creative and that’s why we did it and that’s why we will continue to do mixes and stuff.

Have you met any other musicians on Indaba since you’ve joined last year?

We’ve listened to a couple of artists, mostly vocal artists because our music is mostly instrumental. Maybe someday we’ll get the opportunity to work with a vocal artist for thermonuclearity. Indaba Music features a lot of great talent, so it’s a great place for musicians.

We agree! How did you guys get started making music?

We started in the late 90′s when we owned our first computers. We were always fascinated with electronic music and always wanted to try it ourselves. Over the years we improved our equipment, got more ‘professional’. We won a couple of radio contest here in Germany and did some remixes… That’s how we ended up here in 2011.

Congratulations on all of your success and thanks for taking the time to meet with us!

Michael and I want to thank everyone who liked our remix. We want to thank Indaba Music and Adeline Records for making this possible. Last but not least – Thanks to The Hours for writing an incredible, inspiring song!

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