Winner’s Interview with RustyJam

Massimo, though you may be more familiar with his name Rustyjam, is about to be a part of the future of television.

Current TV’s “Bar Karma”, the first community-developed television series, has collected his original music for an episode.

Just how excited was Massimo to win our first Current TV Contest? Find out in our Winner’s Interview below!

Congratulations, RustyJam! You won our Current TV contest!

Thank you, I was so happy when I found out about it! :-)

You’ve won some serious exposure: the entry will appear in the tv show, will be credited in closing credits, and may also appear as a billboard interstitial on the way to a commercial break.

Well, you can’t imagine how happy I am… as usual I was only thinking about the music when I entered the contest and I would never think to win! This is an incredible opportunity.

I see you’re from Italy, what brought you to this contest?

Actually I entered other contests as well, but I was particularly interested in this one because I love film music, apart from pop and rock

How did you find out about Indaba Music?

A friend of mine, Andrea Riderelli (he’s a conductor and a wonderful musician), told me about it. He’s participated in some contests here.

What sort of musician are you in Italy?

I am mainly a guitarist, but I also play the bass and some keyboards. I’ve been playing in a band for some years and I consider myself a solo and independent musician now. I can say that I’ve always played just because I like music, and apart from a brief period, I’ve never thought that someone could be interested in it. My daily job is a translator. I translate from English into Italian.

Well, we hope you take a break to tune into Bar Karma to see your big debut!

Of course! I hope I can watch the show from here too. For now I’ve already told my US friends.. I think I’ll ask some of them to record it If I cannot watch the show from Italy!

Congratulations again from Indaba Music!

And thank you to Indaba too for giving me this opportunity! It’s incredible to see how everybody have the same opportunities here, even if they are not professional musicians.

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3 Responses to Winner’s Interview with RustyJam

  1. Dave Jackson says:

    Great selection by the judges. It fits the time, the sixties. Perfectl I’m in the back of a fifty seven Chevy at the drive-in. Good choice!

  2. Brady Szabo says:

    I am so happy for you and so impressed with your talent as a musician and a producer. A while back, I had 2 indie deals & toured with some major acts and I didn’t stop to realize that I had achieved something that I set my sights on, so I didn’t appreciate the moment. Don’t make the same mistake. Be proud of what you accomplished and enjoy the moment. I don’t know it it has sunk it, but you’ve just been a part of creating a historical first. This has never been done before & you are a part of it. Congratulations… You have a wonderful story to tell your grandkids.

  3. Brady Szabo says:

    February 04, 2011

    Brady Szabo replied to rustyjam

    it is awesome to hear that from somebody who clearly out plays and out produces me any day of the week. Your work blows me away, keep at it, somebody has got to notice you and hopefully it will lead somewhere for you. AM I PSYCHIC OR WHAT?
    congratulations again…feel like my favorite team won the superbowl.

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