Winner’s Interview with James Martin Nelson

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, James Martin Nelson is one of our latest Metric Opportunity Winners and a recent addition to Indaba Music. He’s only recently learned about our community so if you’re interested in collaborating, act now! With that kind of talent, he’s likely to get snatched up fast! James likes archaic wind instruments, death metal, and Mountain Dew. Learn more in this Winner’s Interview!

Congratulations on your Twilight Galaxy (Death to the Throne) Remix! How does it feel to win 1st place?

One time I was playing NBA Jam with my old roommate. I beat his ass in triple overtime. He was so angry that he sold our Super Nintendo and it was never seen again… so not as good as that feeling, but really close.

(laugh) Well maybe you can use your new prize money for a new one!

I see you’re into Death Metal so what’s with your dance-y remix?

Well, there’s this Peaches remix of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Cheated Hearts” I used to listen to everyday. That and Daft Punk. I used the Arturia Minimoog to make that remix. I remember the modulation on that VST sucks.

You haven’t been with Indaba for very long, what brought you here?

I read about the Metric remix on Pitchfork. I remember I had always wanted the vocal stems to this one song. I wasn’t intending to enter the contest at first. Now, I wish I heard of Indaba sooner.

Well, we’re glad you’re here now!

Out of the 10 songs, why Twilight Galaxy?

It happened to match up with a song I had laying around, which it originally had a 15 minute super fast guitar solo at the end. My neighbor doesn’t like that song… she says it upsets her cats. I made that song to impress girls.

Well, you did a great job on the track and definitely impressed Emily and the band! Thanks for chatting, James!

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