Winner’s Interview with Freakquincy

Guess what, Indaba? We finally arrived at the final chapter of our Metric Album Remix Contest! Freakquincy, a dj team from Toronto, recently took the Grand Prize in our 10th Metric contest, Stadium Love.

There were so many great remixes in our Metric Opportunity that we wanted to once again send Congratulations so everyone who participated.

Check out our Winners Interview and Metric’s Judges Comments below!

The original version of this song has always been one that makes the crowd go off, can’t wait to see what happens with this remix in the clubs. The ending is perfect. Next level!”   - Metric

Hey Freakquincy, are you ready to celebrate your big win?

Absolutely. We’re stoked.

Well, Congratulations! How did you create the winning mix?

Using Logic as our workstation, we added some Moog bass and drums to the track and spent some time editing and arranging the stems. We used a few effects plug-ins (reverb, eq, compressors) in the mix and ran it through various outboard gear.

Is this the first contest you’ve entered on Indaba Music?

Yeah, a friend called us up after hearing about the Metric remix contest on the radio and said we should check it out. We’ve been listening to Metric for years so we were excited about reworking some of their tracks.

What brought you to Indaba Music?

This awesome contest. We’ve been busy with other projects but we look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with other members.

I see that you guys are Canadian, like Metric. What do you do in Toronto?

Work in the day and produce music (in a variety of genres) during downtime. Freakquincy is a collaborative effort of two producers: Perry and Victor. After meeting in school—for sound engineering— a few years back, we’ve been producing together ever since and hope to pursue a full-time career in music.

Any ideas of how you two are going to spend the $1000?

It’s going towards a new Mac!

Any last words, thoughts, comments?

Yabba dabba doo.

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