“As You Like” Album Review

Indaba Member Adam Nussbaum’s New Group New Record: Bann’s As You Like

“As You Like” spans decades. Inhabits rustic warmth, modern edge, classy compositions, risky creative flow; everything sculpted with experienced trusting hands. A pure fresh feel on tones of old. I imagine four musicians; philosophers practiced confident carrying instrument cases scuffed from thousands of sessions. They meet up each from different corners, to play in an old warehouse space. The music tightens the bonds among them. Effortless, only communicating through vibrations yet they push and sweat knowing there is more.

BANN created by the sir names of each member; Seamus Blake- tenor sax, Jay Anderson- acoustic bass, Oz Noy- guitar and electronics, Adam Nussbaum- drums and an Indaba Member! These musicians are so aware of their style it’s somewhat scary. Remnants of Scofield, Jeff Tain Watts, Mingus and Shorter are styled out and transfixed on this record. BANN’s first release ‘As You Like’ is now available on iTunes.

The album is like a perfect morning coffee; an unexpected roast soothing with familiar flavors. At times I forget I’m listening to a modern record then I’m hit with Noy’s elastic distorted guitar or a Blake run that sparks a new place in the mind. The guys are tight ropewalkers; depths of bebop on one side and sporadic modern reworks on the other. There is an amazing balance of inspiration and chance, it’s just right.

The four artists take on Monk’s Played Twice on which Anderson holds down a fierce bass. Noy and Seamus flawlessly fly through a harmonized theme on a funk’d out take of Joe Henderson’s Isotope while Nussbaum grooves a matchless pocket. There is even a hazy expansive trance cover of David Crosby’s Guinnevere. The expression on each rendition lifts the compositions in a new light that makes them exciting to listen to.

The inspired tunes live amongst some incredible compositions from the group, such as their collaboration As You Like. The tune is a unique and fun spin on Jazz with an astounding solo from Blake. Anderson’s drowning prairie tune At Sundown is a loose and lazy driven idea on a Texas blues. Days of Old begins like Mingus alone in his loft at midnight smoking his pipe in an undershirt and fedora playing to the night, until his friends and Nussbaum’s daughter, Mia, show up for a beautiful ballad to say goodnight.

The record bleeds joy. These four friends are playing songs together with each other rather then playing parts. The Indaba Music community is blessed to have such an impeccable artist as Nussbaum in its world.

- Kip

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  1. Bill says:

    Loved the article, extremely well written, can taste, smell, and hear the music before I listen. Which I will . Keep it up

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