Winner’s Interview with Mikhail Merkulov

Mikhail Merkulov has been receiving some serious love from the Indaba community since winning our Metric Blindness Opportunity yesterday evening. Even though he has busy celebrating, the young musician from Samara, Russia, took a few minutes to have a quick interview with us.

See what Mikhail had to say below and stay tuned for the last interview in our Metric series. The Stadium Love winner will be announced today!

Congratulations on winning!

I feel so lucky and happy :) Thanks!

What was your process for creating this winning mix?

It was a desire to make a quality dance tune and experiments with synths and gear. I used only software vsts such as Sylenth1 to make a warm sounds and T-racks bundle for mixing and mastering. DAW – Cubase.

This is your first big win since you joined in 2008, how did you find out about Indaba Music?

Yes. It’s my first win! I searched for remix contests and found them at Indaba by means of Google. I started remixing seriously since the Metric contest began. So, I had a lot of time to improove my mixing, arrangements and mastering skills.

By the way I loved Metric’s songs – Awesome!

Are you a musician in Russia?

I make arrangements for some Russian artists. I collaborate with Russian and Ukrainian studios. So if the artists looking for electronic/dance style of future song – I give it a try. There are some problems with commercial electronic music in Russia. It’s almost low quality. So I get an initial song and make complete arrangement.

That’s amazing! Well, as you know, Metric had great things to say about this arrangement. Thanks for the quick interview, Mikhail!

Mikhail! You turned our melancholy dirge into a dance floor classic.
We love it!

- Metric

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