Teek of the Week #36

Coming Home

Song: Coming Home

Artist: The Mutiny

Hello TEEKERS!!! You’re sending me lots of great submissions, people! Please keep on sending them. Lots of great things going in the music world too: JAY-Z is going to do a remake of the play “Annie” with Willow Smith… WOW! This is going to be wild! I would like to see what they do with that. In other news, I’m working hard with the Emily Chase project and it’s moving along well! I’ll keep you all up to date when things are ready to rock. Today I have a nice song called “Coming Home” by The Mutiny. Let’s see what they’re up to with this Christmas song!

INTRO: Nice acoustic strumming keyboard sound, nice and clean recording, and nice synth sound in the background. The falsetto vocal is good for the intro and it really captures the listener’s attention. You also add real acoustic guitar to the mix, which compliments the synth acoustic guitar sound nicely. I like the bell sounds, which reminds us that its snowing outside as you say “Looking out the window”

1st CHORUS: This is just a partial chorus but it’s nice. It gives the listener an idea of what this song is about. It reminds me of a simple minds or pet shop boys melody. Very 80’s from England! I happened to like the stuff that came from England more than America in that era. They say that there was an English invasion in the 60’s but in the 80’s there was even a bigger one and I don’t think people recognize that! It was great and I see that songwriters from that part of the world still write in that style. I love it! Your melody and lyrics are nice, just like theirs.

1st VERSE: I love the rhythm of the verse. It’s very busy with no space but it fits the song just fine. It pushes the groove nicely! The acoustic guitar has a simple type of rhythm and that’s very good producing keeping in mind that the vocal line is busy. Nice love Christmas song by the way! I feel that in the second part of this verse you could’ve added some strings going into the pre-chorus. You do build it a little with some harmonies but some strings would of been nice.

PRE-CHORUS: Ok, now you take out everything but some synth sounds. This lets the listener know that you’re going to give them the chorus. Nice set up! You can definitely tell that you are building up to it! Good arranging.

2nd CHORUS: This Chorus is good but not powerful enough. You can definitely tell that you’re in the chorus but it was done a little on the wimpy side. Needs to be BIGGER!!!!!!! Some distortion power chords and bigger drums maybe. The vocals are there but the music isn’t, yet. Your dynamics are good but not contrasting enough between the pre-chorus and chorus. Melody and lyrics are good and again, the first chorus works fine this way. However, the second chorus should be building with those great harmonies.

2nd VERSE: Here you should vary the melody a little so the song doesn’t get monotonous. Also, add some other parts so that we know you’re elevating to the next level of the song. Changing the drums up a little will definitely improve this verse too.

2nd PRE-CHORUS: Now this I like because you do something different than the first pre-chorus. The melody is different, which is great. The instrumental is nice but it’s a little empty for me. You’re towards the end of the song so you need more instruments in there. You need to let it all out at this point because you are going to hit your last chorus. It’s nice and simple but you need to build off that in this second pre-chorus. The build that you have isn’t enough.

LAST CHORUS: Now we’re at your climax. You hit the chorus but again, it just should be bigger! The vocals should let us know how bad you want to get home. Your sing with the same mood as the first chorus but you should try to let the listener know how you’re dying to get home. The music should explode with instruments too. It has to be more in your face at this point.

ENDING: Now you rest and take out some instruments to end it very calm and easy by fading out.

OVER ALL THOUGHTS: First thing, please take my constructive TEEK seriously as I think that this is a very good song and I’m helping you get to the next level in your songwriting and producing. This song is almost there, just try out these little things that I mentioned and I think you can get this song placed on Christmas CD with various artist on it. During September, they usually start looking for Christmas songs for placement. You should check it out!

The Mutiny, you have just been TEEKED. Thank you for the holiday love song and until next time my TEEKERS, keep on writing and sending in your songs!!

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One Response to Teek of the Week #36

  1. The Mutiny says:

    Sorry Frank. I didnt realise we’d been teeked until just now so appologies for the late reply. Thanks so much for the teek.
    We really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to give us such a detailed critique. We also appreciate your honesty and you can rest assured that your advice is not gonna be ignored.

    Thanks again Frank.

    The Mutiny / Felsite

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