Teek of the Week #35

Coming Home



HEY TEEKERS!!!! I’m BACK!!! Yes, I know it’s been a while but life has been very busy with family and projects. Family is doing much better and the project that I’m working on is Emily Chase. She’s Chevy Chase’s daughter. I’m writing with her and producing the songs. She sounds really good. It’s a pop rock type of project and I’m putting a band together for her very soon so that we can gig in NYC. I’ve been very fortunate to work with a mature and professional 22 year old who knows what she wants!! I’ll let all of you know when we’re playing in NYC after it’s all put together. In the meantime, I really like the submissions that you’ve all sent in and I’m ready to start teeking them each week. I’m excited to be back and will get to your songs as soon as I can! The first one I picked this week is a cool EMO rock type song called, “Bitter Fruits” by Marcus B. Let’s see what’s going on with this song.

Intro and 1st verse: Great Acoustic guitar intro with the violins. Good, clean recording of both instruments but especially on the acoustic guitar. The acoustic doesn’t sound too midrange which a lot of people have a tendency of doing. Now, the vocal comes in and that’s even nicer. The feel and the recording are excellent!! I mean really professional. You don’t have too much effect or compression on and its smooth and clean. The shakers are a nice touch of rhythm before the drums come. Really good job so far Marcus.

Instrumental before 2nd verse: Now the drums come in. Whoever is playing drums is a very, very good drummer!! It sounds live!! If it is, you miked it perfectly and it sounds great. If this is programmed, then kudos to you on your programming!! Nice guitar lead melody too.

2nd Verse: This is very cool because you drop out some instruments, which you are suppose to do, but you have this repeating string part in the background that pulsates through out the verse. Nice harmonies through out too. The beat is excellent. I really like the smooth drive it has. Nice IV chord hypnotic groove.

Pre Chorus: I call this quiet before the STORM type of arranging! You take out everything except for the acoustic guitar and violin.

CHORUS: Everything comes back in and it’s nice and smooth. The vocal is crying and screaming but quietly, I love it. You are really acting out the lyrics and that’s what you are supposed to do. You’re making me become part of the song! You definitely know how to get the listener to really listen. The drums are all over the place, which fits in perfectly in this type of song.

Bridge? This is like a second verse but maybe a bridge too. It’s a totally new melody but sounds like a bridge that’s building to the 2nd chorus. You take everything out again except for the acoustic guitar and violin but this time, you start building with the snare drum first. Slowly you bring everything else in and it builds. This is excellent, Marcus.

Last Chorus: Now here is the only thing I do not like about the 2nd chorus. You came in too soft like the first chorus. It was good to do that for the first one but not this one because it’s the latter part of the song and you should of stayed building up from the bridge. It just needs some distortion guitar power chords in the background of this chorus and that will do it! I also think the vocal could of done a different type of melody off the original chorus melody. This way, you really feel the pain that you’re going through in the lyrics. Another idea is to keep the original melody but add ad libbing over it.

Ending: Once again you take everything out for the end and that’s a good arranging. You just repeat the first line of the chorus over and over again and then it ends.

Over all thoughts: Very good and professional song!! You have all the tools of being a professional writer, producer and artist. Marcus B., you have just been TEEKED!!! Keep up the good work and keep sending in your material. Would love to teek more of them.

Until next week, my fellow Teeker!!!

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  1. Marcus B. says:

    I got a chance to check it out. Thanks for the comments! It’s soooo nice to have a professional TEEK your work like this! Thanks for the comments on the 2nd chorus. I do agree that it could use something different. I will be checking in. Keep writing, everyone!

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