Serato Workshop 4: Calibration

In today’s lesson we are going to discuss Calibration.  This is extremely important to understand – especially when you are in the club and something goes wrong with the setup.  Always get in to the habit of calibrating your set up before each and every gig.  Just check out the steps below to see how this is done:


Each time you setup your Serato, it is extremely import to calibrate your Serato with the current DJ equipment set. Some turntables may have a faulty RCA and Serato will respond to this. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of calibrating your Serato every time you start up. 

  1. Start Serato and place needles on both records and start each turntable. Make sure you have empty Virtual Decks.
  2. Click on the SETUP button to switch to your SETUP SCREEN
  3. Here, you will see a pair of GREEN CIRCLES.
  4. This is called your SCOPE VIEW. This lets you know if you are getting a CLEAN and CLEAR signal from your record and through the equipment. Your SCOPE VIEW should look like this:


    If your views do not look like this, adjust the dials (P/A Balance and L/R balance) to the left for the left Virtual Deck and the dials on the right for the right Virtual Decks, to try and round out the circles. If you are NOT getting circles, check your RCA connections to the box and check your needles. If you are using CD Players make sure it is set to LINE in your SETUP screen.

  5. Below you will see the ESTIMATE button (click “?” mark for description). This is your “Threshold”. Move the fader to the desired setting that responds best to the dj equipment and you. In most cases you will want to leave the “Threshold fader” right at 48. This will allow you smooth playback with less background interference.
  6. The next 3 settings should also be set to the performance of your computer. These settings are: USB BUFFER SIZE, AUDIO CACHE, and MAXIMUM SCREEN UPDATES. Again, click the “?” mark and move your cursor over each setting to get a full description on what each one does. Once you have everything set, the only time you will ever need to adjust any of the settings is your “Threshold” fader. Other than that, you will never have to change any of the other settings.
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