What’s in a name?

It is a bit premature, but I have been trying to come up with a title for my record and after much mental dialog I finally have! My next record entitled “Bell Choir Coast” is one step closer. As I have already mentioned, I wrote tons of songs and was trying to figure out which ones to record. Once I had picked the songs I was recording, I wanted to find a common theme that could tie them together. 

I was most recently in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving and my brother and I were aimlessly driving around when the title presented itself. We were talking names, concepts, vowels, and then “Bell Choir Coast” rose to the surface and we both looked at each other and knew that was it.

I like that this title has created a fictional place where my record and myself can reside. In coming up with the name, I have decided that I am going to create a fictional word and from that place I will make my record. I may have too much free time on my hands… but, I am really excited to explore this concept.

What type of people live there? Is it just me? Am I the I that I am here in New York? or am I a different person? And if so, WHO IS THAT PERSON? This concept has sort of liberated myself from myself, or rather liberated me from my head. Yes, I am using my head to create this fictional land, but after that I can be ANYTHING and I wont judge myself because I am not myself! Why do I have to record my record from the perspective of a 24 year old girl from New York? I can be an explorer from the 1600’s who is stranded on this island (where people don’t age apparently), or the nymph Echo, a magician or even Jeanne Hebuterne instead.

I have been trying to add layers and elements in my songs and performances and I feel like this is a way to add dynamics in all directions! Upwards, Downwards, Sideways, Inwards, Outwards.

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2 Responses to What’s in a name?

  1. There is a lack of concept albums at the moment. In the mainstream anyway, you can’t beat the artwork and it will be interesting what kind of world your album is from.

    I guess Gorillaz got it down to a tee with this sort of thing, but they have already created their charecters, they just evolve their world.

    When I have some more time on my hands and the facilities to do it, I have a few ideas down this line, however there will be substantial need for herbal inspiration in the creation process…. ;-)

  2. Jake Hansen says:

    i like this idea, and “Bell Choir Coast” is very easy on the eyes, i imagine the artwork having you sitting on some beach somewhere but it being soft and abstract and having strange yet relaxing colors. very nice :) also i was wondering if you’d like to collab on a song? http://www.indabamusic.com/sessions/stonebirds/636822 i really think it would sound amazing with someone like you on it, it’s very folktronic. :)

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