Progress… what a great feeling!! I have finally signed the contract with my producer to start working on songs!! Of course with scheduling conflicts it doesn’t look like we will be able to record this month, but at least we are working on the songs and rehearsing different musicians to see who we like best. Honestly it just feels good to have some forward momentum. 

During the same time I have been rehearsing with different musicians for my live shows. Tonight is the last NYC show before CMJ and my European tour. It is also the last installment where the audience can vote on their favorite songs… so, if you are in NYC come on out, hear new songs, vote on your favorites and become part of the recording process.

I have been listening a lot to different artists I like trying to figure out sonically what it is that draws me to them. I made a bunch of CDs to show my producer and he did the same so we could each listen to the other’s ideas. Once I listened to his list and he listened to mine (yes, we made each other mix tapes… it’s like high school again) we realized we were both on the same page. We each brought different artists to the table but in the end they were sonically similar. It was nice to have a reminder that even though this has taken a long time we are on the right path together and that we are a great fit.

The other day I realized that not only is October CMJ month, but I remembered my producer was there last CMJ starting to come up with ideas. The memory was a metaphorical slap in the face. “SYDNEY, you have been doing this for a year so far and you have hardly started”. The workaholic in me panicked for a few minutes before calming down to think about everything I have been through in the last year and how they needed to happen before I would be in the place I am now.

So with that… things are slow moving in my world, but moving and that is better than being stagnant.

Hopefully I will have some basic recordings for all of you soon!!


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