day eight, nine, ten.

Okay that’s it… I was walking home yesterday night and all of a sudden tons of arrangement ideas came into my head for a song that I was really stuck on. I have spent the last few weeks relaxing and waiting (as patiently as I can) for this recording process to start (which is still in discussion mode, not recording mode) and yesterday something hit a nerve which made me realize that I will not wait any longer. I will start writing arrangements and getting as much together as I can so that when we are ready to start I will be that much further ahead. I was trying to wait so that my producer and I could do it together, but, I can’t wait anymore. Obviously, once we are working together things may change with my arrangements, but I need to start working (to keep me sane) and they are something I can work on. 

I am so thankful that I have my “team” here to help me but, at the same time it is like a game of telephone. He said, she said, I said, my cat said… it is a never ending back and forth and I am done being the Libra that I am who waits for things to be balanced. They wont be balanced for a while and I am not going to waste my time anymore. I don’t know why it is taking so long for a phone call! All I need is one phone call to finish the producer terms and then we’ll be off… but as of now, no phone call has taken place and therefore I am still in holding pattern.

I was so excited to record and now I feel like I am getting more and more frustrated as this process keeps running into one wall after the other. This is supposed to be fun, exciting, and creative! So why is it so frustrating? I am losing the excitement I had and it is being replaced with frustration. I am certain this will work out eventually so I think the first step is for me to take charge and start the arrangements. At least it is a step in the right direction.

So off I go!!


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  1. Seth Bohen says:

    The waiting process is always rough, I remember when I was a kid I’d be waiting for something I was excited about and what felt like hours was only minutes, but once it happened it was the time of my life usually and hours seemed like minutes.

    I’m really excited to hear how this album comes out, its been a great ride here with you reading how the process is going. Good luck with your arranging and getting studio time. I look forward to reading what comes next

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