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I mix in the box (ITB). Use a Digi 003. Have mixed in the box for practically all of my mixing career. Tracked on boards plenty and have mixed on boards but there is no doubt that mixing in the box is more in tune with the modern mindset, workflow, and wallet… Even when I have access to a board, I still use ITB concepts when mixing, such as automation and using various plugs…

There are items in my rig that get the audio “out of the box,” partcularly the Dangerous D-Box Summing Amp, which allows me to utilize all 8 outputs (actually 10 with SPDIF) from my 003 (this piece was brought in by my partner-in-crime, Mr. Sean O’Brien). When this got added to the rig, it opened my tracks in the way your body does post-Yoga…

Most recently, I’ve added a Black Lion Audio Micro Clock MK2 to my rig. This has taken my rig up a very large notch…

I can’t really explain what a good clock source does here without sounding like a nincampoop. There are plenty of articles and YouTube videos out there to peruse if you want specifics. But let me say (with all respect to Digidesign), if you’re using a 002 or 003 for mixing or tracking, get a good external clock. You’ll here the difference immediately. If you can’t, you might want to get your ears checked. This new clock has added an amazing sense of depth and clarity to my mixes that the factory clock could not provide. Vocals cut much nicer and my low-end has ten times more punch and warmth.

I know this is old news to many of you. For those that it’s not, invest in a good external word clock… Plenty to choose from…

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2 Responses to Word Clock

  1. Sound Taxi says:

    Hello, I´m proud to promote my AKAI professional programmable Mix Bay. Dont know if there are still lots of people, who use it. The main idea was to start efx chain changes with midi controls. Very nice for live events and easy on stage … Please excuse my bad English. – Hope we could continue our discussion soon. Remixed the Vocals for Linking Park Contest with the VST SIR Reverb Plugin. With Best Regards from Germany. G.B. myspace/soundtaxiproject

  2. Gil' Wayne says:

    I too found my 003 Rack + kinda mediocre, so I did some research and eventually bypassed the converters and mic pre’s. Currently I’m using an Avalon VT737sp, Focusrite ISA One, or a Focusrite Voicemaster Pro for my mic pre’s. As far as converters, I’m using an Apogee Rosetta 200. This has opened up the sound on my sessions as they are more clear, warm, and with punch with an amazing depth of field. I already had the outboard mic pre’s, it was the addition of the Apogee with it’s superb A/D D/A conversion and superior word clock that put me above my competition.

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