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I’m leaving my studio this month.

Purely a financial decision. I went through my expenditures and realized I didn’t need to pay rent on my own studio in order to continue doing what I do. Amazing time to be in this field… to be able to make a decision like this…

Not to hold anything back, I do have a mixing rig in my living room. So I can crawl out of bed and get to work on mixing and editing. The space I’m leaving is my tracking room in Manhattan. When it came down to brass tax, I know how to (quickly) gather enough gear (and no, not just an M-Box) and go rogue. Set-up in peculiar spaces. It makes things exciting for everyone, especially the musicians. “The Basement Tapes” by Bob Dylan and The Band are a great touchstone of this DIY style of recording. Dylan thought that recording in the country was the way to do it, “with a window open and a dog lying on the floor…”

However, I plan to support recording studios in every way I can and I ask all of you to do the same. My ideal situation is doing basic tracking in a professional studio and then doing overdubs in odd locations…

I wrapped up an EP  a couple months ago with my Sean O’Brien for one of my pet projects, THE WOES. The band plays an amazing blend of country-soul, big-band-jazz, and dirty-swamp rock, with all the diversity Brooklyn has to offer. We did this EP in a crazy amount of locations: basics in a professional studio with an API board and overdubs in apartments, multiple houses, practice spaces, abandoned warehouses, outdoors… But it came out sounding cohesive.

You can listen to one of the songs, “Let Me Ride,” here: www.magichat.net/opener/voting

(The above link is actually for a contest for The Woes to play the legendary Newport Folk Festival. I’d truly appreciate it if y’all would register and vote for The Woes. They need the gig).

Listening back to this track, I don’t here the amount of spaces it was recorded in, even though I oversaw the whole process. I only hear music. Sean and I labored to make it sound the way it does, but the song was already great, so it mixed itself (the EP called “The Bird & The Bear EP” comes out in September). But thinking on it, that’s why recording is so amazing, because you capture moments in several different spaces and time, and create a coherent piece of audial goodness… Location is a major aspect of the process and it’s easier now more than ever to make your records…“multi-regional”…



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4 Responses to Go Rogue, Creative Locations

  1. Peter Wisely says:

    First off, I just checked out the woes and they are amazing, so much fun and energy. Also I like this post it gives hope to the idea of going out on my own and recording from my house. What is the gear that you use in your home?

  2. Akara Etteh says:

    Couldnt hear the Woes track as the contest has ended. As an aside the track “The Secret” is begging for tech house/ibiza remix like “Paddy’s Theme” of a few yrs ago, and “Heater” by “Samim” too…

  3. Cool man. I just have 1 question if you don’t mind… It sounds like you have a portable studio, so erm, what equipment you using..

    You said you do the basic tracking in a studio.. ie: drums, vocals ? or…. ? drums for sure ?
    Can you elaborate please… and then what is the rest of the process, portability is key nowadays and I would like to become portable by the summer.

    Thanks alot man,

    Neal Visher

  4. Jonathan R. says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading through all of your blogs. Thank you for posting. Loved your tracks as well.

    Keepem’ coming.

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