Lesson 2 – Basic Mixing

In this lesson, we’re going to take the raw tracks that we recorded in Lesson 1, and learn some basic mixing techniques to make the song sound more polished. For those of you new to music production, mixing is the act of taking tracks that you have recorded and adjusting the volume levels and sound character of those tracks to create a finished song.  This includes raising and lowering the volume of individual tracks so that the overall performance sounds natural and clear, and also using effects, such as reverberation, compression, and EQ to give your mix that “special” quality.   

In this first lesson on mixing with Mantis, we’re going to take a look at adjusting the volume levels and using reverb to give the song polish. 

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 Lesson 2: Basic Mixing – Adjusting Volume Levels and Using Reverb

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3 Responses to Lesson 2 – Basic Mixing

  1. Tre Critelli says:

    Thanks for the explanation, particularly some of the history of types of reverb (plate). The more info, the better!

  2. Ese Clement says:

    I raelly appliciate the effort of such people like Mentis who work tirelessly allday to make sure that are educated on one way or the other in the aspect of musical Instrument,Thanks.

  3. mazga pateu says:

    wow nice effects dude you’re good !:)

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