Lesson 1 – Starting Out

In the first lesson, we’re going to be going through the process of launching Mantis and recording a few tracks. Mantis can be launched wherever you have an Internet connection and a browser. The Mantis console is tied to every single session that is created on Indaba music, so you can launch the console from any session on the site that you have joined or created. In this lesson we’ll also give you a brief overview of the tools and functions in Mantis, and we will go into more depth on each of these functions in future lessons. 


 Lesson 1: Part 1 – Launching the Console, Overview of Console Features


Lesson 1: Part 2 – Recording a Song From Scratch


Quick Review:  Launching the Console and Recording

- Click on My Studio and “Create a New Session”. Rename your session so that you can find it once you open Mantis. 

- To open Mantis click the “Record, Edit, Mix” tab. 

- Once Mantis loads, find the session you are recording to and create a new mix.

- Save your mix to the session. It’s important to save often, if you close Mantis without saving all of your work will be deleted. 

- Inside Mantis there are many features to use, explore them to get a feel for the layout of Mantis, this will help with your work flow later on. Also, make a note of the various shortcuts. When working with a DAW, it’s often a good idea to learn shortcuts and hot keys, it will help you move quicker during the recording process.  

- To start recording, create a new track by clicking inside the arrangement portion, a new track will appear.

- Arm your track, and the audio will be set to go using your computers default audio input (usually your built-in-microphone, but if you have an audio interface plugged in, it will default automatically to your interface). 

- Click the record button and the track will begin to record.  

-When you’ve finished recording click the stop button and save your work!

- If you wish to create another track or add another layer, click below your last track to add another. 

- Remember to save! Once you save, all the tracks will be uploaded into your session and your mixdown will be saved for the next you wish to work on it. 

Come back next week for another Mantis lesson! 

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6 Responses to Lesson 1 – Starting Out

  1. DUB JOHNSON says:

    Okay, looks simple enough. Gonna give it a go. I’ll be back.

  2. Looks good! I need tutorials okayyy! Gonna take control of my music destiny! recording 101 let’s go!

  3. Alice says:

    when i open it it has a blank black page nothing is coming up

  4. Anthony B. says:

    Yeah the same has happened to me, but every once in a while I get a run or save box that says it has an error on it…

  5. saad noor says:

    i didnt understand how to record the track we recording the track which we play by ourselves or…………..

  6. am i missing something? should there be a video or lesson somewhere here? This is all I see…
    Lesson 1: Part 1 – Launching the Console, Overview of Console Features

    Lesson 1: Part 2 – Recording a Song From Scratch

    …and then thats it.

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