Welcome to Learn Mantis


Welcome to the “Learn Mantis” lesson blog. In this blog we’ll be going through the various cool things you can do with Mantis in a hands-on, in-depth way. Follow along each week as we take you through everything Mantis can do! 

Remember, if you need any additional help using Mantis, you can always visit our help section


Indaba Music. 

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6 Responses to Welcome to Learn Mantis

  1. samiha islam says:

    i need to learn

  2. Marie Elena says:

    when i tried to open mantis it came up as a black screen with nothing on it. are there any updates needed for the program?

  3. K LOVE says:

    Mantis doesn’t work – nothing loads, Black Screen!

  4. Mike Wilkie says:

    Same as the guys below….
    I opened Mantis and just a black screen…nothing else.

  5. Joe De Feo says:

    Once again, same as below. I opened and just a black screen loaded, I tried to load a session
    and I get Error 404, or that I tried to go to a page that dosen’t exist, or Page is for members only,
    and hey, I’m a pro member. Is the operation of the site still a bit buggy?? I am up to date with
    my system, is this a reaction to Norton security software on my system?

    Help us out here, other people are having the same problem. I been recording with DAW’s
    for years and would like to give Mantis a try.

  6. MisaHrom says:

    Black screen = what worked for me: INSTALL Java!
    As a new member here I had the same issue as most guys below – seems to be a frequent thing which might be commented in some blogs or discussion forums already. A friend told me Mantis nees Java and when installed, voila – it loads! Java is available free on the web.
    Hope this helps.
    PS. custom tempo in metronome is either not available in basic version or I might need some advice with that…

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