A Shift Has Taken Place


I’m noticing that a lot more younger people are attending our shows all of a sudden. A couple of weeks ago week I did the Vanguard in trio format with Paul Motian and Jason Moran. Each night the place was populated by an under 30-ish crowd by at least 50%. Not only was it refreshing to perform for a room of eager and attentive new patrons but it also served as a representative beacon of hope that the music is again reaching and affecting younger sets of ears. Perhaps the tide is turning once again and audiences are responding more favorably to music that requires a bit more than the average listener’s attention span, which sometimes can be quite short.


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2 Responses to A Shift Has Taken Place

  1. Zach Morris says:

    Its funny that you say this. When I go to the club, its almost guaranteed that the DJ plays “Dont Stop Believing” by Journey. EVERYBODY knows the song. It seems that even though the younger crowd loves modern pop and hip hop, we still give a nod to all varieties of music. Whatever makes you move your feet or connect with the music, thats what draws attention. It’s not necessarily the style, but simply how it feels.

  2. Greg Osby says:

    As artists, of course we want to reach any and as many receptive ears as we can. But, sets of young ears are much more preferred because they have the potential to grow with your music through it’s various stages. Of course, along the way you may lose a few but those that stick with you will be anticipating your every performance and release. That level of faith and support for your work is priceless.

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