The Flare Scratch

….and we’re back, ladies and gentlemen. In a previous blog, DJ Excess walked us through the steps in executing The Chirp Scratch. In today’s video, Excess is going to break down The Flare Scratch, which is one of the most “trickiest” scratches to master. Remember to take your time and practice these techniques at slow speeds.
The Flare Scratch is a very unique sounding scratch and if done correctly, can greatly improve record and fader control, timing, and hand-eye coordination. Follow these steps and you will be able to add yet another scratch pattern to your vocabulary.


1.With your sample cued to the start of the sound, start with your fader OPEN.

2.Next, push the record forward and when you reach the MIDDLE of the sound, click your cross-fader OFF and then quickly back ON.

3.Your record hand should still be pushing forward so that once the fader clicks back ON, your sound continues to the END

4.Your fader should be OPEN at this point.

5.Your hand should roughly be at the 11 o’clock position.

6. Now, pull the record back and click OFF then ON with the fader when it passes the MIDDLE point of the sample again.

7.Your hand should return to the starting position with the sample back at the start.


So if we condense these steps, it will read like this:


1.Sample start, Fader Open, Push, CLICK, Push to end.

2.Sample at end, Fader Open, Pull, CLICK, Pull to start

3.Repeat steps.


The most important thing is to make sure you CLICK your fader OFF and then immediately back ON to create a “break” in the sample. Check out the video and then try it out!



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  1. Patrick E. says:

    SICK…..Puttin’ folks outta work

  2. Lol….nah….just making sure we keep you guys working!

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