Creation of Inspiration

I’m sitting on the back porch of a
house on a 500-acre ranch in the beautiful hill country of Texas. It’s outside
of a little town named Boerne, about 25 miles west from San Antonio.

All I can see is gorgeous rolling
hills and trees and I realize how important it is to have a little soul time,
alone to your self.

Your mind just stretches out as far
as you can see – and farther. It takes in so many things you might never think
of or perceive. This is true inspiration and creativity.

We should all make it happen in our
lives on a regular basis. And it can happen anywhere. When thought and feeling
come together, creation happens.

We’re constantly creating.

So let’s create together.


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One Response to Creation of Inspiration

  1. Seth Bohen says:

    I agree with this, I was once told that you should play music in any and every state of emotion that you go through. The way you feel has a huge effect on the music you create. You never know what you might come up with. I was wondering though Jackie do you have any lessons for alternate tunings?

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